Aspose.Excel Formula Calculation Engine


Good Day,

I was wondering what the Formula Calculation Engine was. Is it used to embed calculations within a spreadsheet using Aspose, or is it used on a spreadsheet that already has embeded formulas, as whenever an edit is performed on a cell, then all calculations will be updated?


Eric P.


Hi Eric,

Generally to create a formula in a cell, a component only has to parse the formula and save it to Excel file. When opening the file, MS Excel will calculate formula result automatically.

Aspose.Excel does more. If you set a formula, such as “=Sum(A1:B2)”, to cell D1, you may want to get the result of cell D1. Aspose.Excel can calculate the formula and generate the result. The engine works on formulas set at run time or embedded in a pre-designed file.

The engine doesn’t work whenever an cell edit is performed, but run while you call Excel.CaculateFormula method. The calcuation is time-consuming, so repeatedly calculation will heavily slow down the component. You should call the method explicitly after you have set all formulas.

Now not all excel functions are supported. If you have any special need for the excel function, please let me know. We will add it to the engine.