ASPOSE.Excel from VB6



Your product suite seems to be exactly what I am looking for. The only problem is that my application is written in VB6. I know it is possible to call into .NET components from COM. Can you explain how I can do this in VB6 with ASPOSE.Excel? I am also very interested in using your Powerpoint and Word Output, but the first step is getting excel to work.

Is this possible?



Hi Matt,

If you using VB6, you have to make a COM wrapper for Aspose.Excel, then call the COM component in your program.


It would be best if you can upgrade to .NET platform as it is pretty troublesome to get Aspose components to work for COM applications.

You can have a look at posts on this topic in Aspose.Word forums:
Using Aspose.Word from COM applications

Aspose.Word in Visual Basic 6.


Thanks for the quick response.

How does one make a COM wrapper for the Aspose.Excel objects?


Aspose componets are pure dotnet components and are highly recommend to be used in dotnet environment.

Please refer to Roman’s reference link and Aspose.Excel will work in similar way except the SetLicenseCOM method is not exposed yet. I will expose it after you evaluate Aspose.Excel and find you really need it.

About COM wrapper, you can refer to “COM Callable Wrapper” in .Net Framework developer’s guide of MSDN.


Thanks everyone for all your help. I took another look at my object model and I think I can factor out the rendering aspects of the application into a .NET assembly and make calls into that assembly from COM where needed.

I am very much looking forward to using your components instead of the awful Microsoft Automation I have had to deal with over the last few years.