Aspose.Excel in a VB 6 module...?


I have an ASP.Net application that does the following:

-select an item (an item that lives in a database)
-click an export button
-upon clicking an export button, the status of a database item is set to “process”
-a service that runs on the web server sees the “process” status and does the following:
- executes a VB 6 module that creates a .csv file
- copys files out to a share drive on the web server

What I’d like to do is also copy out an Excel file to the same share drive.

Can I use Aspose.Excel inside the above VB 6 module? If so, how do I open a VB 6 module inside .Net and set the reference to ASPOSE.EXCEL?


Why don't executes a .NET module to create a csv file?

Anyway, if you do want to call Aspose.Excel in a VB6 module, please check for reference.