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I am using Aspose to generate Excel. I attached Sample.xslx template.

  1. How add list of dynamic columns start from cell A5 in both sheet?
  2. Suppose if I pass two columns then it must me exact same as Header. (Example: my header length is 14 and If I pass two columns then Column1 is merge up to 7 cells and column2 is merge up to 7 cells. Example: 2 – If we pass 3 columns then column1 merge upto 4 cells, column2 merge upto 4 cells, column1 merge upto 5 cells ) Please check the sample “sampleQue2.xslx”. (39.7 KB)

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I could not extract your attached zipped archive. Could you re-zip your files again and attach it here, so, we could evaluate your issue soon.

Please find attached ZIP (39.7 KB)

We are afraid that still we are not able to extract this file and getting following message:
image.png (31.6 KB)

You may upload this file to some public file sharing server without compressing it and share the download link here or compress it with default Windows options as follows:

  1. In Windows, navigate to the file/folder you want to zip, and Right-click it.
  2. On the menu that pops up, roll your mouse over Send to , then click Compressed (zipped) folder .