Aspose.Excel (version Locale Question

I need to update an old application which uses Aspose.Excel.dll (Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56)

I've got some customers in the Netherlands who have to change their regional settings from Dutch to English for the data to be formatted properly when they open up an Excel document in MS Excel (the document is created by the Aspose.Excel.Excel.dll). I'm not at all sure what the problem is so I'd thought I'd start with the API documentation, but I could only find the Apsose.Cells not Aspose.Excel API reference - do you know where I can get the older documentation?

I'm guessing I need to ensure the data is being written to the Excel Sheet in the correct Locale - does anyone know what I need to do? Here's a code snippet showing what we do - essentially instantiate the Aspose.Excel.Excel object, open an existing excel sheet, put some data in it

excel = new Aspose.Excel.Excel();
workSheets = excel.Worksheets;
workSheet = workSheets[0];

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Since you are using older Aspose.Excel component, we will reply your query soon.

Thanks for being patient!

Hi Daniel,

Could you please post a sample file to show your problem?

This problem may be caused by data number format settings in MS Excel. In some built-in Excel number format, the number format will change according to local settings :

You can try to use Style.Custom to set the number format to avoid it: