Aspose.Excel Vs. Aspose.Cells

Hi All,

I work for a support project and the project used Aspose.Excel, now, as Aspose.Excel is not available, I need to go for Aspose.Cells.

The client has requested us to provide the additional features that Aspose.Cells provides compared to Aspose.Excel. I request you to kindly let me know.


Hi Sushant,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please check the following documentation topic for your reference:

Feel free to contact us anytime if you need further assistance.

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Hi Amjad,

Thanks. The link provided by you mentions the modifications required in the code to use Aspose.Cells instead of Aspose.Excel.

However, my question was what additional features are provided in Aspose.Cells compared to Aspose.Excel i.e. why should I purchase Aspose.Cells instead of Aspose.Excel?


Hi Sushant,

Well, Aspose.Cells has become truly a feature rich component now, it provides almost as many features as MS Excel does. The component is more reliable and enhanced related performance to work in the most diverse environments. Some of the accomplished and advanced features are available now (which may not be supported in the older Aspose.Excel):

e.g.., support for MS Excel 2007 features (.xlsx and .xlsm formats), conditional formattings, enhanced customized formattings related cells, grouping/ungrouping cells, creating List feature, enhanced validations (all types supported), data sorting, enhanced smart marker features (e.g.., subtotaling and grouping by data attributes supported now), enhanced auto-filtering features with all types of customization, enhanced named and cell range style manipulation, manipulation of the charts in the designer file, manipulating comments with customized and rich formattings, enhanced and advanced protection options, worksheet background setting, enhanced formula calculation engine which supports a long list of formulas now, enhanced searching cells options, support/manipulation of many drawing objects and controls, enhanced pivot tables support, new importing and exporting options to and from many .NET objects, managing advanced document properties, adding pictures to header and footers, moving and copying worksheets and many more.

Aspose.Cells now provides some unique features for the users which MS Excel does not provide:

  • Convert Chart to image
  • Convert Sheet to image
  • Enhanced xls to pdf convertion
  • Save xls to .html format

For further reference, please scan through the documentation:

Also, you may check the featured demos:

Thank you.