Aspose.Excel vs Aspose.Excel.Web


Aspose.Excel vs Aspose.Excel.Web
Would you mind have a detail of their diffierent?

My main purpose is using on the



Both of these two components can be used on ASP.NET.

Aspose.Excel is a non-UI component spreadsheet creation engine. It provides a rich API set to manipulate Excel files.

Aspose.Excel.Web is a web control which delivers interactive web pages that look and feel just like a spreadsheet window. It can also load and save Excel files.

So what’s your need? A Excel-like web control or a tool to manipulate Excel files?


Thanks your information!

I want my web application can export the data to the excel. It should be one or more datasets, export to one sheet or more of excel file. The excel files can be stream to the user download or save a copy on the web server.

Is it Aspose.Excel.Web can meet my requirment?

Is it possible to upgrade the license from .Excel.Web to .Excel?



Since you don't need the UI and want to generate the spreadsheets, I think Aspose.Excel is better for your need.

About the upgrade issue, our sales team will support you.


Basically you can not upgrade from one product to another since Aspose.Excel and Aspose.Excel.Web are completely different components.

If you need both of them at the same time, you need to buy them at their full price. But purchasing them via Aspose.Custom suite will help you to save since suite discount applies.

If you buy one at a time then buy another later, normally you need pay the full price without any discount if we did not have special offer at the moment of your second purchase.

Feel free to send sales questions to if we can be of help.


Fine! Thanks your support!