Aspose excel worksheet to a web datagrid


First I'd like to mention that this is a great product. I'm demoing it now for interaction with a JD Edwards accounting program. My customer wants to see the spreadsheet on a web page rather than downloading it. The easy route would be to set the source of a datagrid to the worksheet. Is this possible? The longer avenue would be repeaters and looping through each cell, etc. I'd like the shorter option. Thanks.


Which product are you using, Aspose.Excel or Aspose.Excel.Web? Please be aware they are two different products.

If you are using Aspose.Excel.Web, you can directly use WebWorksheets.ImportExcelFile method to show spreadsheet data on web pages. Please check our demo for sample code. And our wiki provides more information:

If you are using Aspose.Excel, please use Cells.ExportDataTable or Cells.ExportDataTableAsString method to export spreadsheet data to DataTable. Then you can bind that data table to your datagrid.


Thank you. I am using Aspose.Excel and not the web version. I realize my post was in the wrong place. Regardless. Thank you for you reply. That’s what I was looking for.