Aspose.Exchange Product Preview


Dear customers,

Aspose.Exchange is not on the market for sale so this forum is currently used for feature requests only.

Aspose.Exchange is probably best defined as a pure .Net alternative for interacting with Microsoft Exchange. We would like to hear your requests and feedback on how the proposed Aspose.Exchange should look and function.

Our main goal is to adopt the idea of “power made easy”, by allowing developers to access the features of Microsoft Exchange without the hassle of trying to use the Microsoft Exchange API directly.

Some initial features we feel would be very valuable are:

1) Query Exchange Mailboxes
2) Send Mail through Exchange Server
3) Query Exchange Contacts
4) Query Distribution Lists

This product would be best served with tight integration to our other proposed product Aspose.Outlook. Imagine the ability to drag a control on to your web/windows forms that gives you an instant Outlook Calendar which ties into the Exchange/Outlook configuration by setting just a few properties?

Thanks for your valuable input in advance.


I am no expert on Exchange server, but one of the things my organization is looking at doing is pushing emails addresses from our HR database into Exchange, and organizing those email addresses into groups and contact lists. If this product ends up being built, I hope you will not neglect putting data into Exchange, in addition to pulling it out.