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Aspose font-size to PowerPoint font-size


I'm developing an power point editor running on web platform. But now I'm running into some troubles with font-size.

My editor is1200x900 pixels for 1600x1200 screen resolution users. The PowerPoint editor is 5760x4320 (get by Aspose.Slide). With these two different sizes, if I have a textbox inside my editor that contains a text with 10px font-size, then when I export it to PowerPoint, the text also has 10px. So my final result (the one showing in PowerPoint) doesn't look the same with the one in my editor because of the different between the sizes of the two editors.

So, how can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.


You should scale the font size. Unfortunately I can’t tell exact scale factor.
Probably you have to little experiment and find it.