Aspose generated pdf not passing through print vendor but pdf generated through adobe distiller for same input passes

Hi, I am attaching both the files generated by aspose and adobe distiller. When the aspose pdf is passed through the print vendor the output has blank page whereas pdf generated through adobe distiller is printing correctly. Can you tell us how to include the adobe distiller settings in aspose?ASPOSE_PDF.pdf (77.0 KB)
Adobe distiller.pdf (97.9 KB)

@ramachandra1988 As I can see the PDF document you have attached is produced by Aspose.PDF, not by Aspose.Words. Do you use Aspose.Words in your scenario and then postprocess PDF using Aspose.PDF? Or do you use Aspose.PDF only?

We are using aspose.words to generate pdf which in document properties is showing as Aspose.pdf. Below is the code we are using.

Document doc = new Document(inputStream);
FontSettings fontSettings = new FontSettings();
fontSettings.setFontsFolder(AppConstants.RESOURCES_ROOT, false);

com.aspose.words.PdfSaveOptions options = new com.aspose.words.PdfSaveOptions();
options.setSaveFormat(SaveFormat.PDF);, options);

@ramachandra1988 Aspose.Words writes Aspose.Words as generator name in the produced PDF documents:

But your document the generator name is Aspose.PDF:

So it looks like the document has been post-processed by Aspose.PDF later in your code after conversion from Word to PDF.

Also, the PDF document produced by Adobe Distiller is of obsolete 1.6 version, unfortunately, Aspose.Words supports only 1.7 and higher versions of PDF. Probably your print vendor does not support PDF documents of versions higher than 1.6.

Here is what you can try:

  1. Try feeding PDF produced by Aspose.Words (without post-processing it using Aspose.PDF) to your print vendor.
  2. Convert PDF to 1.6 version using Aspose.PDF

MyVoice_Confirmation_Letter_Final_1.pdf (142.4 KB)

This is from adobe 1.7 and this is also passing through the print vendor. Can you check if these distiller settings are available.

@ramachandra1988 Could you please check with your print vendor what are their requirements to PDF documents and share the requirements with us? Or if possible provide a simple application that will allow us to reproduce the problem.

The only requirement they have mentioned is supporting postscript level 2

@ramachandra1988 Unfortunately we cannot proceed with this issue without additional information. The Aspose.Words output seems to be compliant with the specification and displayed correctly in PDF viewers. The problem might be related to the print driver. If you provide us the way to reproduce the problem (problematic print driver or test application) we could try to identify the difference between Aspose.Words and PDF Distiller output which causes the issue.
P.S. Unfortunately the mentioned PostScript level 2 support requirement is not relevant in this case.

Would your team be able to join a call if we set it up to show you the issue?

@ramachandra1988 The main place for getting support is this forum. Unfortunately, we do not provide support via phone or video calls.