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Aspose GIS overlap

Hi there I’m having a problem detecting the overlap of two polygons. I get the following error message:
System.ArgumentException: Area is not consistent for the geometry.Probably polygon rings intersect each other at coordinate. Do you have any ideas why this would happen? I can’t be too specific as the code-base cannot be shared. The function being called is

Thanks in advance.

Hello, @steve.cooper! Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, we have not yet encountered such a problem. So, we need some data to diagnose the issue. Please consider the following code snippet:

        catch (Exception e)
            // print polygons
            // Console.WriteLine(myPolygon.AsText());
            // Console.WriteLine(anotherPolygon.AsText());
            // put polygons in an error text
            var builder = new StringBuilder();
            throw new Exception(builder.ToString(), e);

Could you please embed this code in your program and share the data it returns? Thanks.