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Aspose html5pdfeditor example

I recently came across ASPOSE.PDF and I am very interested in this framework. I came across the following example in the ASPOSE.PDF .NET forum. My question is if this example only works with the ASPOSE.PDF .NET framework or if one could also use the JAVA Version as backend for Apps like this one. Thanks for your clarifications!


The HTML5 PDF Editor is a demonstration of API features that how they can be used in the codebehind. The mentioned app was built in .NET Framework and it used .NET API in the code behind. However, it is not limited that such app can only be built using .NET framework. You can develop/create similar application in Java as well using Aspose.PDF for Java in codebehind.

In case you need any assistance while translating some .NET Code into Java or face any issue while finding it in the API documentation, please feel free to let us know. We will surely assist you accordingly.

Thanks for this clarification. Just do follow this up: Do .NET and Java exaclty offer the same functionality or are there differences between the Implementations? For example, in the .NET documentation I found that it is possible to replace text in specific page regions. Is it possible to do so also in JAVA or are there any limitations?

// specify the page region for TextSearch Options

TextFragmentAbsorberAddress.TextSearchOptions.Rectangle = new Aspose.PDF.Rectangle(100, 100, 200, 200);


All the features from .NET API have been ported into Aspose.PDF for Java and you will be able to find equivalent functionality in Java API. For your particular inquiry, please check following Aspose.PDF for Java article to search/replace the text in specific region of a PDF page: