Aspose licence on the background


We have purchased licence for aspose slides and included as part of our ear file. For some reason, when I open the first power point, it puts the licence watercolor in the background. It doesn't show it on subsequent attempts.

Could you suggest why it could be doing that and how to fix it.



Dear Hemanth,

Can you please show the code how you actually setting the license in your application?

Code below is what I am using::

License licence = new License();

File lic = new File(getContextRealPath(request)+ SystemConstants.ASPOSE_LICENSE);

licence.setLicense(new FileInputStream(lic));

and the constant is defined as follows:

// Aspose slides licence file name.

public static final String ASPOSE_LICENSE = File.separator + "WEB-INF" + File.separator +"Aspose.Slides.lic";



Dear Hemanth,

Please follow these two guidelines and let me know

  1. You should not declare the License variable in function scope, declare it in class scope.
  2. You shouldn’t call SetLicense for each client access. It must be called only once when web (service) application starts.