ASPOSE/LINQ: Get from Docx all LINQ field necessary for JSON

Hi there.
I would like to know if there is a way to get all the LINQ fields necessary to create the JSON from the Template DOCX.
For example I have a DOCX with the LINQ field name, surname and address and I would like to get those without the need to manually search inside the template.

@denny.moscon I am afraid there is no way to get the field names from the LINQ Reporting template.

If you need to validate the template, you can try building a report. LINQ Reporting Engine stops its execution once it encounters the first error. By default, the engine throws an exception on encountering a template syntax error. When ReportBuildOptions.InlineErrorMessages is applied, the engine writes an error message to a corresponding template document in place where the error appears.
A template structure can be complex at times, so a single error can make the rest of template content invalid. That is why, the engine stops its execution once it encounters the first error and there is no way to get all errors at once.