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Aspose MailMerge with word


We have been using aspose mailmerge with word templates. Attached the sample input, code, template and the output pdf. The input is in the form of a json. We are using aspose version 22.8 with java.

We now have a requirement for cascading tables where one table has multiple tables in it. We have attached a sample report. Defendant is a table and each defendant will have multiple tables. We have looked into aspose website and see that it can be achieved with xml structure. Can we do that with what we currently have? Can we extend our current program to generate the document as per new requirement. Please advise.

Input_Json.docx (13.9 KB)
Code.docx (18.5 KB)
TestTemplate.docx (16.7 KB)
GeneratedFromTemplate.pdf (62.4 KB)
New Requirement Sample.docx (247.4 KB)

@judiciary What you are asking about is called Nested Mail Merge with Regions. You are right when you use XML data source, the relations between the table are build automatically while reading XML data into DataSet. In your case you should create relations yourself. For example see the following simple example:

// Define data set and data tables
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
DataTable root = new DataTable("root");
DataTable child = new DataTable("child");

// Add tables into the data set
// Define relation between the tables.
ds.getRelations().add(root.getColumns().get("id"), child.getColumns().get("root_id"));

// Put some dummy data into the tables.
// In your case data will be read from JSON.
root.getRows().add(1, "First Group");
root.getRows().add(2, "Second Group");
root.getRows().add(3, "Third Group");
child.getRows().add(1, "First item in the First Group");
child.getRows().add(1, "Second item in the First Group");
child.getRows().add(1, "Third item in the First Group");
child.getRows().add(2, "First item in the Second Group");
child.getRows().add(2, "Second item in the Second Group");
child.getRows().add(3, "Lonely item in the Third Group");

// Open template and execute mail merge with regions.
Document doc = new Document("C:\\Temp\\in.docx");

in.docx (13.9 KB)
out.docx (11.4 KB)

Alternatively, you can use implement IMailMergeDataSource and the appropriate getChildDataSource method to return data source for the child region.

Thank you for the response. We were looking into the xml option at the below article. However, we could not locate the word template referred in this example on github. Will you be able to provide that?

Is there an example to implement nested tables with xml input

Mail Merge with XML Data Source in Java|Aspose.Words for Java

@judiciary Here is code example, data and template:

DataSet customersDs = new DataSet();
customersDs.readXml(getMyDir() + "Mail merge data - Customers.xml");

Document doc = new Document(getMyDir() + "Mail merge destinations - Registration complete.docx");

doc.save(getArtifactsDir() + "WorkingWithXmlData.XmlMailMerge.docx");

data+template_mailmerge_from_xml.zip (11.8 KB)

Here is an example data and template for nested mail merge with regions using XML data source:

DataSet pizzaDs = new DataSet();
pizzaDs.readXml(getMyDir() + "Mail merge data - Orders.xml");
Document doc = new Document(getMyDir() + "Mail merge destinations - Invoice.docx");

// Trim trailing and leading whitespaces mail merge values.


doc.save(getArtifactsDir() + "WorkingWithXmlData.NestedMailMerge.docx");

data+template_nested_mailmerge_from_xml.zip.zip (55.4 KB)

You can find the corresponding examples on our github, templates and data are here.