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I downloaded an evaluation copy of Aspose.Mime from the shareware river site ( but I can’t seem to find it among the product listing on your own site. Is this product no longer for sale? What is its status?

many thanks,


Dear Hugo,

Aspose.Mime is not available for sale and it will be merged into Aspose.Email soon. Kyle will keep you posted.

Dear Hugo,

Thanks for your considering Aspose.Mime.

Aspose.Mime is retired. However, We will integrate the Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email in the next release.


That’s good!

Do you have any estimate of when the combined dll might be available, and if it will raise the price of at all?

Same price as Aspose.Email at least for you. That is, you pay Aspose.Email but you get both Aspose.Email and Aspose.Mime. Kyle will let you know when it’s available.

Dear Hugo,

Thanks for your considering Aspose.

We just release a new version of Aspose.Email, which integrated all the features of Aspose.Mime.

More integrating mapping info:

Get latest release:

Recently, we only provide DLL file. And the demo and sample will be provided as soon as possible.