ASPOSE - Need assistance

Hi , I have one requirement, where I want to display the ranges in next column for the same record using one dataset.
attaching the required table screenshot
Screenshot 2023-03-15 181933.png (4.6 KB)

Could you explain more about your need : source file, data source, excepted file?

Hi, I am using ASPOSE Cell with .NET and facing issue where I want to show the nested data using single datasource.
Do let me know if you need more detail.
Attaching the data source file and output file.

SourceData.jpg (139.4 KB)
OutPut.jpg (108.7 KB)


Thanks for the screenshots.

Could you please zip and attach input Excel file with data and your expected output Excel file (you may create your desired Excel file with sorted data in MS Excel manually). This will help to evaluate your requirements precisely.

Is the data format tabular or nested?

data format is tabular . I have send the file with DataSource and Output

It seems there is no simple method to support your request.
We will check it and reply you later.

1, Could you convert your tabular data into nested data, then you can simply import data as the attached sample codes (15.9 KB)

2, You also can operate the range to move data as the attached : (8.1 KB)
However, when the amount of data is large, the efficiency is poor。

3, You can control how to import data table into exel as the attached: (7.9 KB)

Thank you Simon, I would go through the all the 3 option and get back to you if any query

You are welcome!

To create the solution, which is the oldest version of ASPOSE cell you used. Currently I am using ASPOSE.Cells 20.3.0


We used Aspose.Cells for .NET 23.3 to process the code (we shared) with the template file. We recommend using newer versions to accomplish it.