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Aspose .NET - Certain File Types dont render - .pcl .xps .swf .epub


I need help with why Aspose .NET API does not render / convert the following file formats. Our developer has enabled the file extensions but they can’t be viewed in our Web App. All other file types from this package work fine.

These ones dont work .pcl .xps .swf .epub

My understanding is that these should work.
Can I please have help on this matter?


We suggest you please upgrade to the latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET i.e. 19.3 and see how it goes on your end? Hope, this helps.

In case the problem still remains, please also ZIP and upload your simplified Word document and Aspose.Words generated XPS document showing the undesired behavior along with your Web App Viewer you are getting this problem with here for testing. We will then investigate the issue on our end and provide you more information.

Hello and thank you for replying.
I will ask our developer to check the version we are running matches the latest 19.3. But I would expect this to match as we only bought the API a few weeks ago.


When a new version is released will I get an email notification?


I think no. However, we release new versions of Aspose.Words at the start of every month. You can monitor download section of Aspose.Words for .NET for new releases. Moreover, if you have installed Aspose.Words for .NET API via NuGet, then you will see a notification inside Visual Studio about the update.


Our developer upgraded the API to it’s current release 19.3.
Unfortunately this has not fixed the issue.
Are you able to provide 4 sample files one for each file type that we currently can’t get working.
.pcl .xps .swf .epub

Below and attached is an example free epub book I have used for testing and the screenshot of the error when trying to view in our web app.

The Dance by Daniel Gregory Mason.zip (1.4 MB)

image.png (54.7 KB)


I am afraid, Aspose.Words does not support conversion of Word documents to .swf format. However, we have attached a sample Word document and generated .xps, .epub and .pcl files here for your reference (see Docs.zip (520.7 KB)).

Also, the .epub file (The Dance by Daniel Gregory Mason.epub) that you shared earlier works fine on our end when viewing with Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.


Thank you for supplying some different sample documents.
I have tried the .epub, .pcl & .xps files and they all failed to be viewable. Below is our display error message.
image.png (52.9 KB)

What our Web App is doing is taking the original file format and rendering this to a PDF format so that the image can be viewed. It does this will all other file formats that Words .NET supports and they wok fine. Such as word docs, text files htmls etc.
What information can I provide you to help get this resolved?


Please also share the Web App (viewer) that you are using on your end here for further testing.

Hi. In what way can I share the web app viewer?


We have checked again, for example the standard ‘XPS Viewer’ of Windows 10 can easily open Aspose.Words generated XPS files on our end.

You can ZIP and share the Visual Studio project (source code without compilation errors in runnable form). If your ZIP file size is big then you can upload the ZIP file to Dropbox and share the Download link here for testing.


I have attached a code file that our developer has provided.
We’re taking an XPS file and converting to PDF and attempting to open in a PDF viewer.

I’ve attached the code we use to convert to PDF. Anything that doesn’t compile (such as ResponseViewModel) is not relevant to their test and can be removed.

AsposeService.zip (1.0 KB)


Please note that Aspose.Words cannot convert a XPS file to PDF format. Aspose.Words can only convert these file formats to PDF format. Can you also provide the input document and Aspose.Words generated PDF file showing the undesired behavior here for testing? What PDF viewer are you using and what problem are you facing in your PDF viewer? Please also provide a screenshot highlighting the problematic areas. Thanks for your cooperation.