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[Aspose .net Sign Doc PDF ][Problem in read pdf with adobe reader ]

When I sign the doc with version 18 aspose.Net.pdf, the pdf does not open in adobre reader on the other hand it works with version 20.0.

The are another solution to work in version 18?
My code :
Document document = new Document(documentPath);
PKCS7 pkcs = new PKCS7(_certificatePath, _pwd)
Reason = request.Reason,
ContactInfo = request.Contact,
Location = request.Location
PdfFileSignature signature = new PdfFileSignature(document);
signature.Sign(1, false, new System.Drawing.Rectangle(100, 100, 100, 100), pkcs);
// Save output PDF file


Do you mean that you were able to resolve the issue while using your existing version?

Please also note that the support is provided on the basis of the latest available version of the API which is Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.12 at the moment. Furthermore, the issues reported in the older versions are resolved in the latest version. That is why we always recommend to use the latest available version. In case you face some issue with the older version, please upgrade the API version and let us know if issue still persists.