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Will Aspose.Network have the capability to send faxes to a bunch of numbers in the very near future :) ?


Could please you explain more detail about the faxing you need. For example, faxing document types (as I know, the faxing protocol needs tiff inputs. do you provide a tiff image to feed the faxing? ), your common scenario for using the faxing, your project timeline.

Thank you very much

Hi Iret,

Basically the process should be able to handle conversion of common document types (PDF, DOC, XLS) to a TIFF format, manage a queue of faxes with the ability to preview the queue, start, pause and cancel all or specific faxes, capture the result of the fax process (success or failure), and work with multi line fax boards.

These seem to be the basic parameters.

As an aside, it would be great to be able to implement the queue concept for emails as well - it is extremely important for us to have a 2 step process - prepare the outgoing messages and then start the sending process and then get the results (success/failure) - so that we can manage bulk emails better.

Our timeline as is usually everyone's timeline is the sooner the better :)


Thanks for your information.

The Fax product that you said is a little bit large than we expected. The generating TIFF for common document types needs lots of efforts. It seems we cannot provide whole of these feature in short term.

However, I think we can piece the big picture bit by bits. After 3 or more release cycles, we will have the full feature finally.

Have a good day.


Is there any update on this?


Hello, avi,

We did some investigation on the Fax feature on .NET platform. We found that Microsoft already had a good solution for windows.

Windows 2000/XP offers two possibilities to send faxes programmatically, either by a COM-Object (faxcom.dll) or by an API (winfax.dll).

You can call COM-Object in .NET directly.

Do you think we need another implementation for fax?


Check it out:



Hi Iret,

Thanks for your reply - This looks very interesting. Here are the issues we see:

  1. We need to make sure that this can work with a centralized fax server (we cannot assume that each user will have a fax modem, in fact that will most likely never be the case.)
  2. We can monitor the fax process to make sure we have a success or failure of each event. This is critical.
  3. We need to create the fax queue – without it the process would be very difficult.

What do you suggest?