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When I am using this method, it is only returning read messages. If a message is new and unread or it has been read and reset to unread, it is not getting the messages. I am using ASPOSE.Network version


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could you please try the latest version of Aspose.Network 4.9. I tested it with IMAP server and ListMessages() method was returning all the messages (read and un-read).

I have downloaded the latest version and I am still getting the same results. ListMessages is only returning the read emails.


Hi ,

Could you please test it with Gmail as mentioned here http://www.aspose.com/documentation/.net-components/aspose.network-for-.net/accessing-gmail-on-ssl.html and check if ListMessages() is returning all the messages.

If possible, could you please also tell us the name and version of imap server, which you are connecting to?

I tried to test with gmail, but I was unable to connect to that server probably due to restrictions on webmail by my organization.

The IMAP server name is IMAP.US.ARMY.MIL and it is based on Version 4 Rev 1.

Since our SIPR side works, I looked at that version of IMAP.Network and it is version I tried that version on the NIPR side, and it works. It's a little slower though.