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When I am using this method, it is only returning read messages. If a message is new and unread or it has been read and reset to unread, it is not getting the messages. I am using ASPOSE.Network version


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could you please try the latest version of Aspose.Network 4.9. I tested it with IMAP server and ListMessages() method was returning all the messages (read and un-read).

I have downloaded the latest version and I am still getting the same results. ListMessages is only returning the read emails.


Hi ,

Could you please test it with Gmail as mentioned here and check if ListMessages() is returning all the messages.

If possible, could you please also tell us the name and version of imap server, which you are connecting to?

I tried to test with gmail, but I was unable to connect to that server probably due to restrictions on webmail by my organization.

The IMAP server name is IMAP.US.ARMY.MIL and it is based on Version 4 Rev 1.

Since our SIPR side works, I looked at that version of IMAP.Network and it is version I tried that version on the NIPR side, and it works. It's a little slower though.