Aspose.Network.Outlook Storage throws exception

I have licensing for Aspose.Network, and have been getting this error message :

Agent[8030]: Program.CurrentDomain_UnhandledException: This structured storage version is not supported.; 

Stack Trace: 

at Aspose.Network.Outlook.Storage.x1ea60bde2b5d0d28..ctor(BinaryReader reader)

at Aspose.Network.Outlook.Storage.xd8c3135513b9115b.x5d95f5f98c940295(Stream xcf18e5243f8d5fd3)

at Aspose.Network.Outlook.MapiMessageReader..ctor(Stream stream)

at Aspose.Network.Outlook.MapiMessage.FromStream(Stream stream)

Here is the only piece of code that we are using Aspose.Network for in this environment :

using Aspose.Network.Outlook;

string m_asposeBody = string.Empty;
MapiMessage msg = null;

using (Stream msgStream = File.OpenRead(filename))
    msg = MapiMessage.FromStream(msgStream);
    m_asposeBody = msg.Body;
    msg = null;

Any ideas why this could be crashing our system?


Karen Schmidt, Software Application Developer

Hi Karen,

I am sorry but I could not reproduced this problem at my end using the similar code with the latest version of Aspose.Network for .NET.

Could you please post or send me the MSG file for which problem occurs? You may zip and send using forum options “contact” --> “send saqib.razzaq an email”. We will check at our end.