Aspose.Network v3.8.0.0 with SSL on IMAP and POP3

Aspose.Network for .NET v3.8.0.0 has been released. Aspose.Network is a complete solution for network programming on .NET frameworks.

This version is a major release, including SSL support for IMAP and POP3, bug fixes and many other improvements.

New Features

  • SSL on POP3 Protocol.
  • Implicit / Explicit security mode for SSL POP3
  • SSL on IMAP Protocol
  • Implicit / Explicit security mode for SSL IMAP
  • Updated Help document and code samples.

Aspose.Network now supports using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the connection (POP3/IMAP). With a few lines of code you can easily access your gmail account with Aspose.Network. Following is the sample to connect to your gmail account in C# using Aspose.Network.ImapClient.

[C# Sample]

//create imap client with specified server, username and password.
ImapClient client = new ImapClient(“”, 993, “”, “password”);
client.EnableSsl = true;
client.SecurityMode = ImapSslSecurityMode.Implicit;
//connect and login to the imap server
//select the inbox as the current working folder
//save the message
client.SaveMessage(1, “file.eml”);
Bug Fixes

  • NETWORK-4331 MailMessage.Save will throw exceptions for some outlook message files.
  • NETWORK-4332 MailMessage.Load will crash for invalid email address contained in the Outlook message files, like ‘;’.
  • NETWORK-4333 EmailVerify cannot reuse socket.
  • NETWORK-4334 SmtpClient need to use DNS lookup to identify the host name.
  • NETWORK-4335 EmailVerify need to cache the MX records properly for performance.

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