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Aspose.Network.Verify - No available mail servers. Please check your DNS server configure

When trying to validate email address domains with Aspose.Network.Verify, I get the following result returned:

No available mail servers. Please check your DNS server configure.

This appears to be the case with all emails, even ones where the domain is obviously valid, such as etc.

What does this error mean, and how can this issue be resolved?



This issue appears to be an issue with the Aspose.Network.Verify Demo, as well. See below:

Use the Aspose.Network.Verify.EmailValidator class to validate the email address .
Email Addres:
The mail address is invalid,return code is : DomainValidationFailed.


I found the verify cannot get the MX records. It seems something unexpected from the remote DNS server. I will try to locate the root and back to you ASAP.

Hi, mlc,

It is believed that part of the root is something limited by the DNS server in the network. So the component may fail to get the mail exchange info from the network.

We decide to provide a new feature to make it possible to load external settings for mail exchange info, when it fails to get from the network.

Thanks for your paticence.