I'm looking for an obfuscator for my company's product and I would like to consider Aspose.Obfuscator, but I need additional information:

1) How is the obfuscation performed? (renaming of members only?)

2) Why isn't the product supported? why is it free? (is it defective in some way?)

3) Is there a way to purchase support for this product?

Thank you in advance



Yes, we only offer that component for free now. I am unsure of the technical side of the components.

Here is why it is free and not supported:

Here are links to the old demos for that:

We don't offer support for sale for this product. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Your forum link led me to the message:

"The forum you requested does not exist"

Can you please provide a working link?


I am sorry about that. I realized that it was a private forum now. It basicalled said:

"Dear Customers,

Aspose.Obfuscator 1.6 Released!

Now Aspose.License is free! Yes you can use Aspose.Obfuscator in your projects without paying any bucks to Aspose.

But you should know you may not get its upgrade or support from Aspose. Alternatively you guys can come to this forum to exchange questions and answers.

If you're a purchaser of Aspose.Obfuscator in the before, please quote your Order ID if you need our support."

We don't offer support for this component anymore. We also don't have any current pages on our site for it. The links were old ones I found.