Aspose OCR can't read the text in this image


Hi. It’s my first time using Aspose OCR while I was considering to purchase it. However, my first try using this product I don’t get the expected results. I wonder if the support guys could help me with this newbie question… if its me who is doing something in the wrong way.

Firstly I don’t understand why the resources for other languages are not included in the ZIP and the MSI installer of the free trial. Where I could download these?. I just figured to find the resources for the old v3.2.0 version here:

Well. My last and principal issue is that I can’t read the text of this image:
WinSnap 01.png (461 Bytes)
( It is Spanish text )

This is what I tried so far:

Dim ocrEngine As New OcrEngine With {
    .Image = ImageStream.FromFile("Image.png"),
    .ProcessAllPages = True

' ocrEngine.LanguageContainer.Clear()
' ocrEngine.LanguageContainer.AddLanguage(LanguageFactory.Load(""))

With ocrEngine.Config
    .DetectTextRegions = True
    .DoSpellingCorrection = False
    .ProbabilityRow = 1
    .ProcessColoredBackground = True
    .RemoveNonText = True
End With

If (ocrEngine.Process()) Then
End If

But I only get symbols (dashes) or just a lot of “e” characters.

Is Aspose OCR an API unable to process the text of that image without modifications?.

I’m able to post-process the source image if necessary, with simple operations like convert the format, resize it, change the brightness, apply a a specific color matrix, etc… but I don’t know what would be necessary in order to properly process that image.



Thank you for contacting support.

We are looking into this and will get back to you with our findings soon.