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Aspose ocr error

I have downloaded aspose.ocr.dll but am unable to get the code error free. The line
Dim res As List(Of RecognitionResult) = api.RecognizePdf(sSavePath & “” & sFileName, setting)
errors saying 'Reference required to assemply ‘netstandard, version=…’. When I add it the error goes away but then I get error on the following lines
Dim setting As New DocumentRecognitionSettings
setting.DetectAreas = False
Dim api As New AsposeOcr
Dim res As List(Of RecognitionResult) = api.RecognizePdf(sSavePath & “” & sFileName, setting)

The errors are
DocumentRecognitionSettings is not defined
AsposeOCR is not defined
RecognitionResult is not defined

What am I missing? I have added Aspose.PDF and Aspose.Words to this application without issues but can’t seem to get aspose.ocr to run.


Would you please try to install the API using NuGet Package Manager? There are some dependencies that API requires and via NuGet Package Manager, it downloads all required DLLs in the Visual Studio Project. Please install 22.4 (latest) version of the API and let us know in case you still notice any issues.

I upgraded to VS 2019 and it corrected the issue. Am now getting and error:
EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named ‘OrtGetApiBase’ in DLL ‘onnxruntime’.
I found another post about this error and the response stated:
Aspose.OCR for .NET Framework does not support AnyCPU. You have to specify x64 directly.
When I change mine project from AnyCPU to x64 it fails to run.


Please note that the latest version of the API supports both AnyCPU and x64 modes. Please try to create a new fresh console application -> install Aspose.OCR for .NET 22.4 through NuGet Package Manager and run the solution. In case you still face any issues, please zip the same project and send it to us after removing the DLLs to reduce the size. We will check it on our side and address the issue accordingly.