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Aspose.OCR russian text recognizing quality

Code bellow produce exception "Cannot find lib Aspose.OCR ....". It is being catched somewhere inside of ocrEngine.Process() method, but it does not seem normal. I am running Aspose. OCR 1.1 with resources 1.1.

Results of processing Russian image is very horrible and does not contain any decent symbols: "s^ ^ s+ x^ is ^*~-*^- xii$ f-
r* --ln^-----* p**^+-y^*r
o^-^-^--=! s= *=T===^7 ^*-=Ji ii^ v- i riFt iii\ *
- - - - - - - ="
And what seems strange, that when i remove "english" from language i am getting exception "Alphabet of english language doesn't contains symbol: т " which seems like a valid cyrillic symbol.
I have tried out to recognize same text with FineReader with almost 100% result....

Is there any settings i can play around?

OcrEngine ocrEngine = new OcrEngine();
//set the image
ocrEngine.Image = ImageStream.FromMemoryStream(image, imageStreamFormat);

ocrEngine.Resource = new FileStream(ResourceName, FileMode.Open);

//add language and other attributes
ocrEngine.Config.NeedRotationCorrection = true;
ocrEngine.Config.UseDefaultDictionaries = true;
// ocrEngine.Config.OcrAlgorithmMode = OcrAlgorithmMode.M8PtFontStyles12NEts;
//load the resource file

if (ocrEngine.Process())
return ocrEngine.Text;

return null;

Hi Alexanderv,

Russian is not supported at the moment but a request in this regard has been logged into our issue tracking system as OCR-33145. Can you please share your input file for further analysis?

Best Regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.