Aspose OCR using any built-in model or AI/ML

Hi All,

I would like to know more about the Aspose OCR functionality.
While extracting the data from PDF, whether Aspose OCR is using any AI/ML model to read the data? or just an algorithm used to read the data?. what kind of algorithm?
Will it train the data itself while extracting the data?



We use parsing and decryption algorithms to extract images from PDF file and then we use ML model to get text from images.

Hi Asad Ali,

Lets assume a pdf file has text -

  1. For reading the text Aspose OCR using any ML Model? what is the name of the ML Model
  2. Just parsing Algorithm? what is the name
  3. If part of image then using ML model, will use the same data for training the model?

Could you please help me to get the answers for this. Part of project i have to share this information to management to get approved.



If PDF file contains text - it is the task to extract this text without using ML model. It’s not our main orientation to extract text. We recognize text on images. Its OCR. But we plan to add extraction function in future.
Now we can offer to use Aspose.PDF in combination with Aspose.OCR.

Also about ML - we use new 10 models our own developing and we use advanced world technologies in the subject of image recognition.

@asad.ali thank you so much for the response.