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Aspose Open XML options

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I was wondering if this product was ever made and if so, what is it called and how can i get it. We currently have our solutions build with OpenXml and we would like to be able to take those and be able to offer them in PDF format.

Please let me know what my options are since your company seems to be the leader in this field.


Thanks for your inquiry. All that you need is Aspose.Words. You can convert to PDF all documents which are supported by Aspose.Words (Word 97-2003, Word 2007, WordML, OOXML), OpenDocument (ODT), Rich Text Format (RTF) and HTML.

Please follow the link to learn more about file formats supported by Aspose.Words.

Please, see the following link to learn how to convert the document to PDF:

So, you can try using new method to convert your document to PDF. Here is the code:

Document doc = new Document("in.docx");


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Open XML also includes the ability to work with Spreadsheets (which we do as well). Does that mean I now have to buy both Word and Cells from Aspose just for the ability to convert to PDF. Also, does the object model include the ability to load from a MemoryStream so i don’t have to save to the file system?


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes of course, you can load document from stream. Please see the following link:

And yes, you need Aspose.Cells to work with Spreadsheets and Aspose.Slides to work with presentations.

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Ok…so a solution that handles just OpenXml stuff like mentioned in my first link (from back in 2009 by one of your program managers) was never completed or was decided against? Unfortunately purchasing 3 products to just convert to PDF is a bit expensive. Thank you though


Thanks for your inquiry. I’m afraid the only option for you is to use Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells. Aspose.Words for OpenXML Format SDK - it was just idea.

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