Aspose.Outlook Product Preview


Dear customers,

Aspose.Outlook is not on the market for sale so this forum is currently used for feature requests only.

Aspose.Outlook is probably defined as a pure .Net alternative for Microssoft Outlook Object Model but with much better performance price ratio, like Aspose.Word and Aspose.Excel. Now we’re totally open to your requests on how it should look like so feel free to post your needs.

Thanks for your valuable input in advance.


As this thread was originally created over 2 years ago, I'm curious as to the progress and/or direction of Aspose.Outlook. I am needing to create Outlook Meeting Requests programmatically. Although I can do this using the Outlook Object Model, I don't like to use this method due to the same reasons I don't use the Excel or Word Object Models (and use YOUR solutions instead!). Please follow up with me to let me know if the Aspose.Outlook componenet project is moving forward or not, especially in terms of creating meeting requests. Thank you!



Dear Dan,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Here I wanna share some development plan with you. Actully, we are planning to implement the some of the outlook feature in Aspose.Network suite. For example, create and send calendar appointments, or so.

Depands on the resouces and progress, we will include the feature in the next two official release.

Any idea will be greate appreciated.

Thanks again.


For my immediate needs, the creation and sending of calendar appointments (i.e. meeting requests) are the top two items that I would like to see implemented. Adding them to the existing Aspose.Network product would be beneficial to me as well, since we have already purchased that! Please keep me informed as progress continues and also let me know once you have an estimated release date. I would love to start using those features in the next couple of weeks if at all possible, but I understand that you have a lot of other projects to work on.

Thanks again!

Dan Thayer


Could you update me as to the progress of either putting together a team for these tasks, or the actual development of them? Thanks!



Dear Dan,

The new feature is under development. We hope the beta release will be available before May.

Thanks for your considering, we will send you the beta dll for the preview as soon as possible.