Aspose.pdf cannot convert word 97 files


i am trying the eval version of aspose.pdf to see if i can use it for an app i want to develop. Conversion works fine with word 2003 and Xp versions, but fail to convert word 97 files. Is there any know issues or do i need to do something different. I need to covert .doc format only.
Please let me know at the earliest so i can make the right purchase decision.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could u provide a sample word 97 document for us checking? We want to find out reasons and judge if Aspose.Words or Aspose.Pdf has some limitations on the process of word 97.

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The error is with pre-Word97 format.
Two files are attached. The screen-shot showing the error and the word95 sample doc.
Thank you for the prompt response.
Looking forward to hearing what you find.


Dear Manoj

I check out the error and find problems is caused by unsupported limitations of Aspose.Words when doing conversion. So I moved you post here, their experts will give you an professional answer soon.

Aspose.Words does not offer support for document formats preceding Word97. You can use the free conversion tool word97conv to convert Word95 document to Word97. It can be downloaded from Microsoft web site.

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As Microsoft released specs about Word doc format, will you support Word95 format ?
I don’t know what is in specs they released so maybe it doesn’t talk about Word95 at all as it is a very old format.



Thanks for your inquiry. We don’t have plans to support pre-97 Word format. You can attach your document for testing here. I will check it and provide you more information.

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How can I convert Word95 doc to Word>=97 format to be able to read them from your library ?

I searched for the converter from MS but found only that

The problem is it will convert Word97/2000 to Word95 but I need the other way.


Thanks for your inquiry. As a solution you can just open/save document using Ms Word 2003 for example or any newest version. You can also use Words Automation to do this programmatically. Here code:

Dim wordApp As Word.Application = New Word.Application()
'Open document
Dim doc As Word.Document = wordApp.Documents.Open("C:\Temp\in.doc")
'Save document

Then you can process document using Aspose.Words.

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Yes I think it is the only choice, doing a batch converter with Word Automation (slow but as it is a one shot…).

Thank you for your help !