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Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK NodeJS Delays and TextReplace Issues


I am trying to find a good solution for my company in order to achieve the ability to replace a font through out the entirety of any PDF that is generated from within another system.

I have a few concerns which I’d like to find an answer to before I advise my company on whether to move forward with this product or not. Therefore, I was wondering as an open question if any of you have faced these following issues:

  • During our limited trial, we managed to create a suitable POC for what we are trying to achieve using Aspose.PDF NodeJS CloudSDK, but there were some delays while waiting for the response to come back, at times it never gave back a response, ultimately having to re run the same process in order to get a response from the API. Is that something that was happening on my end or is it a side-effect of running the limited trial?

  • The PDFs generated will take multiple roles, that being said, some parts of the PDFs are hidden. While using the Cloud SDK for NodeJs postDocumentTextReplace method, we noticed the hidden parts of the PDF were suddenly made visible as part of the manipulation. Is there any chance we can check for those hidden parts and ignore them as the intended goal is to only change the font of the visible elements?

  • We are going to require a large amount of PDFs to be processed in a fairly short amount of time on a daily basis. Is the API capable of meeting such requirements as well as a significant reliability as we can’t afford the systems to be down often?

Thank you very much for your time.

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