Aspose.PDF Comparison - Side by Side?


I have a requirement to compare two PDF files, side-by-side and highlight the changes.

Can Aspose.PDF (or another product) do this?




Aspose.PDF mimics Adobe Acrobat so I request you to share if you are able to compare side by side with it. We will investigate it accordingly.

Yes, the Adobe Acrobat PDF Compare shows side by side results, and highlights corresponding but changed sections. It is this exact functionality that I need in an Online PDF compare API.

image.png (117.2 KB)

[Side by Side Acrobat Compare Result Image](


A feature request is already logged as PDFNET-48636. We will let you know once it will be supported. For side by side comparison, Aspose APIs do not offer any interface. So you can post an inquiry over GroupDocs Forum for more information.