Aspose.Pdf.Form API


My company will be using Aspose.Pdf.Form for our next project. I have two questions at the onset:

1) What does “flattening” a form field mean?

2) How are fields named within a table inside the form?

The second question is less about your API and more about PDF forms in general. For example, a single customer may place two orders or twenty orders in an invoice. One column of the table might be “Quantity”. Since I need to know the field names, would the fields be called “Quantity1”, “Quantity2”, etc.?



Dear cohenn,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

1) A form field is an interactive part in pdf document. You can fill some text in text field, set the check box on or off, and so on. But if the field is flattened, it became a non-interactive part, for example the text in the text field can’t be changed. The classic case is the invoice. When the “Quantity” or “Total” field is flattened, its number in it can’t be changed.

2)Just as you said, the field names in a table can be specified as you like, the ony rule you should to obey is every field must have its own unique name.

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Thanks. Two more questions:

1) Does AutoFiller flatten fields?

2) Does AutoFiller support any other field types besides “Text”?


Dear cohenn,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

1) yes, all the fields will be flattened.

2)yes,but you should set the specified field with the right export value which is case sensitive. About how to set various fields, please read the wiki.