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Aspose pdf generation difference between windows and unix


I have distortion problem when a generate a pdf from an excel file that contain an image in unix.

I use apsose java librabry 8.2 to make this conversion.

But, with the same jar when i request a conversion on windows there is no problem.

Do you ever hear about this kind of OS difference for this aspose version?

Thank you.


It seems like you are using Aspose.Cells in order to convert Excel to PDF. Please share your sample source file along with the code snippet that you are using so that we can further proceed to assist you accordingly.


By the way, generally, such kind of difference (distortion problem) might be due to following:

  1. missing fonts on Unix machine. Please make sure that the fonts used on the template Excel file are there on Unix. You may even copy underlying fonts from Windows to Unix. The fonts folder should be seamlessly accessible by the APIs on Unix. See the document for your reference.
  2. display settings (set) other than 100%. Please make sure that os (unix) display/scale settings should be 100%.

Moreover, since you are using some older version of Aspose.Cells for Java, so we would also recommend you to kindly upgrade to and try our latest version (e.g. Aspose.Cells for Java v21.5) which is more enhanced, stable and feature rich.