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Aspose.pdf.Generator.pdf is removed from latest version

Dear support,

I was passing xmldocument to the bindxml method of Aspose.pdf.Generator.pdf earlier.
but now Aspose.pdf.Generator.pdf is removed.

Can you please tell me the replacement for it ?

I have gone through all the related stuff on this forum, but documentation was not informative at all.

Please suggest the alternative way for below code.

        Dim xmldoc As XmlDocument
        Dim doc As New Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Pdf
        doc.BindXML(xmldoc, Nothing)



BindXml method is now present in Document class under Aspose.Pdf namespace.

Dim doc As New Aspose.Pdf.Document
doc.BindXml(xmldoc.xml, Nothing)

Can you please provide me with the new DOM based XML and XSLT schema ?

xmldoc.xml is not present.
and bindxml method accepts xml file names as string, not xml itself.


Yes, it accepts the path to xml file as a string. You can find Aspose.Pdf XML Schema based on new DOM. I suggest you to please visit the below documentation article for your reference.