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Aspose.Pdf Killing our site

Hi there, we purchased your product some time ago, and never did a great deal with it at the time. Recently we implemented the .dll we purchased 3.7 and had some level of success when testing.

After some time, and what appears to be sites like Google indexing some of the online .pdf works, we find that CPU use is running at 100% and the cause turns out to be the ASPOSE.Pdf product.

No problem we think, there must be an update from what we purchased, and there it. Only none that cover the period of our license are online.

So now, for a bunch of $ we paid, we have a product that is not only unpredictably useless at rendering .pdf files, but brings down the entire server when it fails.
Now we are not chasing a version with new shiny features. We are only doing simple HTML to PDF work, but we would very much like something that works without killing the server.

Suggestions please (and not ones that involve a bunch more money).

Hello David,

Thanks for using our products.

First of all, please accept our humble apologies for the issues/problems that you are facing due to our product.

Can you please share some sample HTML files and the code snippet that you are using to generate PDF documents. More along, can you please share some details regarding your working environment i.e. Operating System, Application Type (desktop/web), .NET Framework version etc so that we can try replicating this issue at our end.

Once again, we are really sorry for this inconvenience.

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly.

We can share code if needed. But the point of the post was really that the version 3 fails with our code, but later versions (like the current one) when tests works fine.

We do not qualify for the latest version since we are out of license, but the version we do qualify for 4x is not available any longer for download, so we cannot test if the issues we found were resolved in that.

Do you need our code to resolve this, or is there some way we can qualify for a one off version that works as advertised?

The code we are using is this: This code works with the latest version of your application, but not the 3.7 version when it hits certain types of HTML.

The ASPOSE.pdf failed to convert the following URL/HTML into PDF


Dim license As Aspose.Pdf.License = New Aspose.Pdf.License


Dim pdf As New Aspose.Pdf.Pdf()

Dim ms As New MemoryStream

Dim sr As New StringReader(strContent)





Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "inline;attachment;filename =Article" + strItemID + ".pdf") '& str(str.Length - 1))

Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream"

Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", pdf.GetBuffer().GetLength(0).ToString())

Response.AddHeader("Content-Transfer-Encoding", "binary")




Actually it hangs when calling pdf.GetBuffer().GetLength(0)

We are using version 3.7

Hello David,

Thanks for using our products.

I am afraid we might not be able to resolve the issue in previous release version. As the problem is fixed in latest release versions, I would suggest you to please upgrade your license subscription and use the latest release versions. In case you encounter any problem or you have any further query, please feel free to contact. We apologize for your inconvenience.

However before you upgrade your license subscription, you may continue testing our product in trial mode. The Trial version provides the complete set of features as present in Licensed version except for an evaluation watermark in resultant PDF.

I find that is not so satisfactory. If the update was to support a feature we requested, then sure… we would pay. We are just asking that the software we purchased from your (for a significant amount) works as advertised. The version 3.7 does not.

Our license entitles us to updated for a year, but you links to versions released in that year (which we are entitled to) are not valid. So you may well have fixed the failures of 3.7 in an early release of 4x. We can not be sure.

Either way, can we please have a version of your software that works without crashing the server periodically when it encounters something it does not like… kind of feel we are owed a working version!

That would be just super!

Hello David,

As per our current policy, our download section only contains the product versions that are one year older. I am not entirely certain about the exact version which resolved the issue (
works without crashing the server periodically when it encounters something it does not like). Can you please share your license expiry date as it will help us finding out the product release that might handle such issues and can be used in your application.

Please find out ---- tag inside your license file. Please be careful while extracting information from license file because the addition of even a single blank character can make your license file useless. We are really sorry for your inconvenience.