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What I want do to is:
1. Make a template pdf document
2. Fill some fields with data
3. Save the resulting document.

Regarding 2 some of the fields will have varying number of “records” (like order lines).

Question 1:
Since I will have varying number of “records” in the pdf document, is using the Form object a feasable way of doing this? If not, what are my options?

Question 2:
I downloaded Adobe 7. If I use the student.pdf file, my test code for filling fields works fine. If I create a new document or open the student file for editing and then save, the code does not work as expected anymore. None of the field values are stored. Are there any special considerations I have to worry about when creating PDF documents intended for this code?


Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

As to the first question, I think what you mean is that you have varying number of “set of records” to fill in the document, each for one pdf file or just joining into a big one. If things like this, please refer to . Hope it can be help.

As to the second one, actually we have been aware of the problem for some time. The reason lies in the modification of the implementation of Adobe 7. We think it has magnificent difference with Adobe 6. The student.pdf was create by Adobe 6 so it works well, but if it were create or modified by Adobe 7, then the error will appear.

However the support for this is under our consideration of the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience it brings to you.

Best regards.