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aspose.PDF.Kit tabular layout


I’m trying to create a tabular layout for multiple rows and columns in a PDF.
At the moment I don’t see any way possible to do that in aspose.PDF.Kit.
I know this is possible in aspose.PDF.pdf by using the table object but I also need to populate other form fields in the pdf.
So I have to use the aspose.pdf.kit.form object to populate the form fields.
Is there any support for tables in aspose.pdf.kit.form.

Or do you have any suggestions as to how I can create a PDF with form fields on the PDF as well as populating a table of some sort.

Currently we are using one form field and dumping a formatted string into the form field to make it look like a table format.
To do that we have to use a fixed width font to calculate the white space needed to format the string in a table like format.
There are only a limited number of fixed width fonts.

I’m using aspose.pdf.kit version and aspose.pdf version

Any help would be appreciated.


Marty McCarthy
Janison Solutions

Dear mmccarth,

Thanks for considering our products.

Presently, Aspose.Pdf.Kit does NOT support table manipulation. And I have to admit that I did not comprehend your requirement very well. Would you please describe it in detail? Or an example PDF document would be the best.

Best regards.

Thanks for your reply lukeyoyo.

I’ll try and explain a bit better.

I’m creating course certificates using aspose.pdf.kit.

On the PDF there are a number of form fields.

There is a form field for the Course Name, User Name, Date, and a form field to display a list of Modules in the course that have been achieved.

All of this data comes from a database and loaded dynamically.

Everything is working ok except for the form field where the list of Course Modules are displayed.

This needs to formatted in a tabular format.

So I need to display something like:-

Module ID Module Name Score

At the moment I use one form field for this.

I put all of the Module data into a string and format it to make it look like its in a table format.

So when I process the string I calculate the maximum length of the Module ID to see how many white spaces I need to put in before I write the Module Name etc…

To calculate the white spaces the font needs to be a fixed width font so all spaces are even.

This allows me to line it up in a tabular format. But there are only a hand full of fixed width fonts which limits the possible style of the certificate.

Basically I need something that will display in a tabular format and will adjust the columns so that all the columns line up like the table object in aspose.pdf.pdf.

Is it possible to use form fields in aspose.pdf.pdf.

In this page it looks like you can http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Pdf/Api/What-is-Text.html .

If I can use form fields in the aspose.pdf.pdf object I could use the table method as well which would solve my problem.

I hope this is a bit clearer.


Dear mmccarth,

Thanks for the precise definition of your requirement. What you want is to display Course Modules information in a table format, which was obtained dynamically from a DataBase, right? I am afraid that our products cannot support the feature. The biggest problem is that Aspose.Pdf.Kit cannot add fields dynamically. In other words, it needs to know how many columns of strings will be returned from DB beforehand.

We are sorry for the inconvenience again. Best regards.