Aspose.PDF.Kit Viewer Question


Will the PDF Viewer that is to be included in the Aspose.PDF.Kit be able to rasterize a PDF created by Aspose.PDF for printing to a network printer attached to the Server that the code is executed on with no user intervention? Also, in the blogs, the timeframe for release of this component was right around now, are there any new updates as to when the Viewer will be released?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

We are now doing final test for the Java version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit in which Pdf viewer is included. It will be published in several days. But the printing feature will be not available in this first version because the printing effect is not good and we need to improve it. We hope the printing feature be available 20 days later.
The .Net version of corresponding features will be available about 20 days after the Java version.


Is it possible to get some type of prerelease version of the .net component with whatever printing capabilities it has for development and testing purposes. We would like to go with all Aspose components for our development however our development schedule is forcing us to towards TallComponents PDF Components.


It is possible. I will discuss with the developers and then give you a rough date for the prerelease version.



By the way, Posting to the forums from IE 7 Beta 1 does not work. Most likely a problem on Microsoft’s end of things, but I’d keep an eye on it as they release newer versions.


Thank you for concerning about the PDF Viewer. I am the lead developer of PDF Viewer in Aspose.Pdf.Kit.
Because the print function has not good print effect and corresponding example has not been ready, the first version will not include the print function. But it will be soon published in the next version 20 days later.
The current version was programed by Java. The print function uses the standard Java print interface, so if you want to print PDF file to a network printer, we can provide the example.
At current version the print function is at local computer with the printer driver.
The first .Net version will be published at late October.


Can you please make sure that the viewer and printer for PDFs supports reading encrypted files. This is assuming that the priviliges on the document allow for printing. I have noticed there are some places in the API where you cannot specify a password when performing operations on a file.
e.g. PdfFileEditor.Extract

It would be nice to allow the printing of certain pages in a PDF and not just the whole thing.

Here’s the scenario I’m trying to support…
We create a single document that contains several merged PDFs. We call this our “source document”. It is notarized and protected by user password. It also has an owner password, but this is randomly generated and never stored. This prevents anybody from modifying the “source document”. We need to extract pages from the source document for printing an/or saving to a new PDF.

If the PdfFileEditor.Extract supports the passing of a user password and the new printing capability also supports passing a user password, then that should take care of it.



Thank you for concerning about the PDF Viewer. Your question is very good and important.
The first viewer and printer version has not support reading encrypted files and printing them. But this problem that we have been considering will been resolved in the next version at middle October.
I will immediately contact the developer who designed the PdfFileEditor.Extract function.

The PDF viewer invokes the standard Java print function, and can print the special page or pages. we will give the demo which can print the special page and background print.

Thank you sincerely and we solve the problem very soon.



I am considering adding support for encrypted Pdf document in PdfFileEditor. If the feature is planed, we’ll publish developing planning blog.

Best regards.