Aspose PDF - Memory leak (c#)


Hoping someone would be able to advise on the memory leak issue we are having where after we use the method ProcessParagraphs() the memory rises as expected however never returns back down to its normal level until the application has been stopped.

Here is some of the code that is used

Main Method.png (182.4 KB)

ComposeForwardLookPDFmethod.png (104.6 KB)

MemorySnapshots.png (32.4 KB)

Snapshot id 1 = Start of the CreateForwardLookPDF method (normal level)
Snapshot id 2= ComposeFowardLook method builds up pdf just before ProcessParagraph method is called.
Snapshot id 3 = ProcessParagraph method has completed and ComposeForwardLook method has completed(notable rise)
Snapshot id 4 = Document is saved into a memory stream
Snapshot id 5 = Memory stream has been returned and the FreeMemory method has ran
Snapshot id 6 = Dispose() has ran
Snapshot id 7 = GarbageCollecter.Collect() has ran and the CreateFowardLook method has completed

Please let me know if you need any further information.




Can you please share a sample application for reproducing the issue. We will be able to investigate that on our end on provision of requested information.


Providing a sample application may be difficult as its interlinked to our own in house APIs and may take us sometime to unhook everything to just use raw data. The data would have have to be anonymised as well which will also take sometime.

Could you provide some guide on however we might be able to tackle this memory leak issue?

We have paid for support so if screen sharing is available I am more than happy to schedule something with you. Is there any other info that we can provide?




It is hard to determine the cause of the issue without replicating it in our environment. Please make sure to use the latest version of the API and share the application reproducing the problem in case you still face any issues.

We have tried updating the API to the latest version and after testing the issue still persists.

I understand it is hard to determine the issue without replicating it in your environment however it is also hard for us to send a sample application over to you due to the application having complex dependencies.

Can we arrange a screen share please?


We are afraid screen sharing is not possible. However, if you have Paid Support subscription then report the problem at Paid Support Helpdesk to check if any such option is available. Otherwise a sample application will be required to reproduce it.