Aspose (pdf.Save() problem)

Dear Friend,

I m using aspose trial version V3.6.1.0(Aspose.pdf.ddl) and V4.4.2.0(Aspose.Words.ddl) for generating PDF documents for .Net 2.0 application.

The Outstanding-ISSUES that i m facing are :-

(1) PDF.Save() method not working while trying to generate documents on File-Server(i.e. on another server from Web-server). Error thrown is "Logon Failure, Unknown username or bad password".

(2)Aspose generated images are not deleted automatically when using static images on word document. E.g. Aspose.words.ef1c15d9-a51c-001.jpeg

Please reply me at your earliest with the resolution @

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Hi Kalpesh,

Are you integrating Aspose.Form with Aspose.pdf and Aspose.Word? If yes, please give some more details about your project scenario and OS, IIS environment. If you are only using Aspose.pdf and Aspose.Words components, kindly post in the relevant forums.

Aspose.Words: [ ](

Aspose.Pdf: [ ](

Dear Kalpesh,

(1) I think you used some web resources which needs to logon. Please make sure all resources can be accessed.

(2) Please make sure you have set IsImagesInXmlDeleteNeeded. If you have already set that property, maybe that is cause by permission issue. Please make sure the application has the permission to delete the image. If it still won’t work please send us an example that can reproduce this error.

Dear Friend,

I have set all the permission rights to access the web-resources by creating virtual directory on a Web-Server which is mapped to File-server(where PDF needs to be generated).

Additionally i have created an admin user on both the Server(Web & file-server) and set all the permission rights on each of them. Pls check below ISSUES :-

(1)Can u reproduce the above scenario on your side and let me know the resolution at your earliest @

(2)Also, i downloaded the latest Aspose.Pdf.dll and tried but still it doesnt work for remote system pdf generation.

(3)The aspose generated (.jpeg) images are not deleted even on Local system although the property "IsImagesInXmlDeleteNeeded = true" is set.

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Hi Kalpesh,

We were not able to reproduce this error. Can you please provide a simple project that we can used to reproduce this error?

Dear Friend,

Atleast can u try to generate the Pdf on another system using Virtual directory creation and mapping it on remote system.

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Dear Kalpesh,

I have tried mapping a network folder and generate Pdf on that folder without any problem. If you want us to reproduce this error you should provide detailed info (how to create the application, the code,…). You can also try simple code to find the problem:

1) Create a file stream on your path:
System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(YourPath,System.IO.FileMode.Create);

2) Create a simple Pdf:
Pdf p = new Pdf();

Please tell me does that work?


Cheers... Finally i got the Solution with your help.... (p.Save(fs)) to be changed for above code.

Another issue i m facing is aspose generated JPEG images are not deleted automatically although

IsImagesInXmlDeleteNeeded = true is set.

Kindly suggest some solution,



Dear Kalpesh,

We use the following code to delele the images:

System.IO.FileInfo fi = new System.IO.FileInfo(filename);

Please try that code in your application and see if there is exception.