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Aspose PDF speed differences

We use Aspose.PDF to produce a large document produced by concatenating a whole bunch of PDFs together into one large PDFs.

The original PDFs would consist mainly of scanned images, so people use their scanners to scan documents received in the mail to PDF documents

We also add footers to each page by inserting a little bit of text

One of our clients is complaining that they submit this functionality and it won’t finish for hours

The strange thing is… when I take the exact same set of PDF documents they are using, and I put it through the process here on my developer machine, it finishes in minutes. 2 to 3 minutes maybe, it’s done.

On the client PC we submitted the same process for the same set of documents and an hour and a half later it’s still ongoing.

Obviously their machine lacks the necessary resources to do this quickly, but can you advise as to what may be the most likely cause? Their processor seems to be ok - not stellar but ok. They appear to have sufficient memory.

So I’m wondering whether it’s possible that Aspose is leveraging processor speed from the Display card. It would make sense and it might explain why it’s so fast on my machine while it’s so slow on theirs, running as a VM in a data center.

Any thoughts?

Some further information about the machine on which the software is slow:

It’s a VM running on Hyper-V. Windows Server 2019

Client has not activated Windows

The “Display” is set to use “HyperVMonitor” and the “Monitor Type” is “Generic PnP Monitor”


When the software works fast it produces a PDF of approximately 170Mb
On the slow machine the same software, on the same set of documents, produces a PDF of 1.9Gb


You can make sure if API version is same and updated at both ends as well as the code is built using Debug Mode x64 (not x86). Furthermore, please also share the sample test data and code snippet with us for testing so that we can further investigate the scenario and share our feedback with you accordingly.

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