Aspose.Pdf.TruetypeFontMap.xml access denied


On our development and production web servers (Windows 2003 with current updates) we were running downlevel versions of the program. Recently we updated to Word and PDF on our development server. Since this update, the error:

Access to the path “c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\Aspose.Pdf.TruetypeFontMap.xml” is denied

appears when using any pdf.Save() call.

After this started, I tried to revert to the older versions of the files, but the error remains. The file mentioned in the error does not exist.
This is fortunately our development environment only, but any advice would be appreciated as the error remaining after reversion is making going forward difficult.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

The Aspose.Pdf.TruetypeFontMap.xml is used to improve the performance. You can use the TruetypeFontMapPath to specify another path for this file or set IsTruetypeFontMapCached to false to disable this function.


Thank you for the information: I turned the cache off (we are not generating a huge volume of PDFs) and everything worked again.


Hi,We are having this same problem, and cannot find the file specified, in which package is it supplied - and why was this property set by default to true? Our users get an error and are not very pleased about it, naturally. Although we can switch it off, we feel that the default should have been off to start with.



Since many customers have reported this problem, I will consider setting the default value of this property to false or finding other solution in the new version.


I’m having the same problem only it happens when I sendtobrowseraspdf… how do I set the property when I am streaming the file like this? I wouldn’t mind the performance boost, so where exactly is this file located so I can put it somewhere where it can be accessed?




Sorry about the post - figured it out. Had to set the property in the SendToBrowserAsPdf function.


I have the same problem, but on my development machine I have the XML document. Where do I have to put the file on our production machines (system32?)?


The TruetypeFontMapPath property is used to set the path of the XML. If that property is not set, default path of the application is used.