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We are experiencing issues with upgrading Aspose.PDF. This support ticket is related to a previous ticket raised by a colleague, as indicated in the image below:

image.png (23.7 KB)

We upgraded to Aspose.PDF 24.3 to resolve an issue with our Fill PDF action, which it successfully fixed. However, this upgrade has negatively impacted our OCR PDF Document action, causing entire pages to be missed in the output document. Consequently, we reverted to version 24.2, which does not have this issue.

Could you please review the earlier support ticket and advise on the best way to resolve this issue? We need both PDF functions to work correctly, and currently, no version of Aspose.PDF meets our requirements.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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We will be assisting you on the topic shortly.

Regarding the question asked in PDF Form Field with Kanji characters - #6 by markus.estermann there are no changes at the moment.
You can explicitly set the font in the DefaultAppearance field and this works the same for all recent versions.

var doc = new Document("52892.pdf");
var field = (Field)doc.Form["test"];

// Add this line to explicitly specify the font used in the field DefaultAppearance.
field.DefaultAppearance = new DefaultAppearance("SimSun", 11, System.Drawing.Color.Red);
field.Value = "test 介来华签证简";

I believe this question has nothing to do with the problems with OCR you mentioned.
Please provide more information so we can reproduce the problem.

Hi Sergei,

The two tickets are related. This is the initial post my colleague made:
image.png (27.2 KB).

It appears that the solution you offered was a temporary workaround until Aspose.PDF v24.3 was released and implemented.

I am currently investigating this on my end and will get back to you as soon as possible.



This is indeed a workaround for this situation, but it is not a temporary method.
Specifically, before answering, I tested this with version 24.06