ASPose PDF version Inquiry


For one of our existing web based application(ASP.NET) we have a requirement wherein we need to convert the html file to PDF.

Searching in this regard, we came accross ASPOSE PDF component that can be used for conversion of HTML file to PDF. We did have a demo of the same and found the output to be quite satisfactory.

Now, we would like to integrate this in our existing web application to implement this piece of functionality. So it would be great if you could please respond to my queries below at the earliest as we need to take a decision on the third party tool to be used for this.
a) What is the purchase cost in order to integrate this in to existing web application, constraints (if any) and which version should fit the best to our requirement(server license, developer license etc)
b) Would HTML to PDF conversion take care of special characters (Euro etc) included in the input HTML file ?
c) Shipping mechanism and approx time in which we can have the component at our end?



I have moved this to the technical forum so that a developer can help you with your answer.

If you will have just one developer and it will only be at one phsyical site, then your price would be $599. If it will be for one developer and deployed to an unlimited number of locations, then you would need Developer OEM. It costs $1797. If you have 6-10 developers and to be deployed to one location, then you would need Site Enterprise. It costs $2396. If you have 6-10 developers and you plan to deploy to an unlimited number of locations, then you would need Site OEM. It costs $7188. For all other scenarios, you can see the pricing here, If you find out that you need Aspose.Pdf.Kit instead of Aspose.Pdf, the pricing is the same.

This is electronic delivery. You will download the evaluation version. Once you buy, we send the license file to your email. Once it is set, the eval version becomes the full version. If I can be of any further help, please let me know. Have a nice day.


As for the second question, special characters are supported in HTML2PDF. But css is not supported yet and we are now working on this issue. If you have more questions please let us know.


Hi Merit,

Thanks for your quick reply.If I understand correctly with Developer Enterprise Subscription we can have following features

a) Allow one developer to install & integrate ASPose.PDF in our local development environment(ASP.NET) and implement the required functionality.

b) Once done & tested we can then install & configure it to our customer web site(max one physical site) to perform the desired function in the actual live web site.

Also please do inform me if there are any other constraints associated with Developer Enterprise Subscription & if requried in future can we upgrade to higher version to allow more than one developer to work on this.

Please confirm at the earliest so that we can plan the needful to be done.





a) True

b) True

You can always add another developer license later if you get either another developer or another location. If you need any additional help, please contact me.