Aspose.PDF.XML saving - bug?


I am using the public void Save(string,FileFormatType); method in aspose.cells. The file format I am using is 0 (so i can create a PDF from the xml).

However on the generated PDF, the first page is set to landscape and all the subsequent pages are set to portrait. A closer inspection of the xml shows that the first section has the property IsLandScape=“true”, the remaining sections do not show the property at all.

Is this a bug or is there a way to set this property?

Thank you very much.



Thanks for considering Aspose.

Are you using Aspose.Cells for .Net or Aspose.Cells for Java?

Well converting from spradsheet to pdf there are some limitations. e.g., some formatting, settings and drawing objects etc are lost.

We will sort out this issue and reponse you soon.


Amjad Sahi

Aspose Nanjing Team


I am using aspose.Cells for .NET… but I am also using the ASP wrapper.


Are you using an evaluation copy of Aspose.Cells?

I think the first page is your data and the subsequent page is the evaluation text. The evaluation worksheet is portrait so it's converted to pdf with portrait seting.



thanks for your reply.

No we are not using the evaultation version. We are using the full version.

All the pages are our own data, not the evaluation text.

Thanks for your help



Could you please post your xls file and output pdf file here? I will check it ASAP.


Please find enclosed all 3 files.

An XLS, XML and PDF.

Many thanks for all your help.

Greg Pakes


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your information. Please try this attached fix.