Aspose.PowerPoint .disco file missing


Hi I downloaded Aspose.PowerPoint and installed in my local web server. When I opened the web project it is missing Aspose.PowerPoint.WF.Template.vsdisco… Please help me. I need to evaluate it ASAP.



Hello Jay,

It’s not necessary to have vsdisco file. You can compile and run demo withou it.
But don’t forget to put “demo.ppt” presentation to your directory on server.

In any case you can get vsdisco file here.


Hi, I have downloaded the disco file and am able to compile and execute successfully. But when I open up the default.aspx page, it’s bringing up the welcome screen with a “Submit” button and when I click on it, it’s trying to open/save demoppt.ppt file. Unfortunately, I can’t open the PPT file. It says “Power Point can’t open because part of the file is missing”.

Your helps is appreciated.



Dear Jay,

If you use PowerPoint 2000 please download and install last hot fix
This problem was fixed.


Hi Sorry to bother you again. I am still struggling to successfully complete the process.

1. I have downloaded the Aspose.PowerPoint.msi file and installed in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspose folder.
2. Opened a web project and opened the Aspose.PowerPoint.WF.Template.csproj file from the template folder.
3. I compiled the code. It is success and created a bin folder under Template
4. In IIS, I created a virtual directory and an application and the executive permission is Scripts only.

When I execute without debugging I started facing the following problems.
1. Throwed an error here Commented the code
2. Again Throwed an error in again commented the code
3. Again an error from the first line of default.aspx page. "Could not load type ‘Aspose.PowerPoint.WF.Template.Default’."

I uninstalled and reinstalled and followed all the steps. Still the same problem.

Could you please help?
few more questions
Where do i need to download the dll and xml file from the hotfix
I am not seeing a sample of demo.ppt in the installation. If I have to create, do I need to consider anything.

Thanks for your time.


Dear Jay,

Probably you have this problems because you don’t have demo.ppt in the virtual directory.
demo.ppt was placed in the Aspose\Aspose.PowerPoint\Demos\Documents folder.

Please download last msi installer and reinstall Aspose.PowerPoint to get demo.ppt in the Template demo folder and new Pictures demo.